Requestable is a free online REST test service. It's a very useful tool to help debug and/or test online REST or generic HTTP services.

Using this debugging tool is very easy. Simply fill in the form and a request to the URI will be made. Once a response has been returned it will automatically be parsed and displayed in the result pane. On a successful request the result pane will contain at least one set of headers at the top. When a request results in multiple sets of headers (e.g. in the case of redirects) the set of headers will be displayed chronologically. When a response also contains a body it will be added to the bottom of the result pane.

Because of the versatile options Requestable is the perfect tool for debugging and testing REST or other HTTP services. For obvious reasons the online REST testing service Requestable does only work for public facing REST services. However if you want to use Requestable to test non public facing REST services (for example on the internal network) you can easily deploy and run the service on your internal network. All code is open source and downloadable and usable free of costs (licensed under the MIT license). The code is hosted on GitHub.

Requestable also provides a convenient API so you can easily integrate it into your existing projects or even embed it in your own website. To debug or test webservices using the API simply make a POST or GET call to https://requestable.pieterhordijk.com/api?uri=https%3A%2F%2Fpieterhordijk.com&method=GET. All options supported by the full site are also supported by the api. Requestable also fully support CORS so you can also use it to make cross domain xhr (AJAX) requests from Javascript.